"One Health" - also for the good of the animals!


Author: Christoph May  On:  World Animal Protection Website      (Open in Chrome for English translation)

"A message from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) holds hope in these dark times: German development aid is to be given a new focus that could benefit millions of animals in emerging and developing countries. The key word is "One Health", the ministry wants to set up a separate unit for this.  "The corona crisis makes it unmistakably clear what we risk if nothing changes in our dealings with the animals. Now it is time to bring sustainable solutions for a healthy coexistence of humans and animals on the way. “   Daniela Schrudde, head of animal protection work, world animal protection society

But what does "One Health" mean? And what's behind it?....

It is a great step for the BMZ to put this holistic approach on its agenda. However, whether it is actually effective depends crucially on how “One Health” is understood and implemented. If the ministry was primarily concerned with keeping animal pathogens away from people, something would not necessarily be won for the welfare of animals. We at the World Animal Protection Society are therefore committed to ensuring that animal health is comprehensively thought of as part of "One Health". "

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