American Public Health Association (APHA) establishes One Health  ‘Section’

American Public Health Association (APHA) establishes One Health ‘Section’


In 2017 the APHA adopted a One Health Policy statement, Advancing a 'One Health' Approach to Promote Health at the Human-Animal-Environment Interface, prepared and brought forward by the APHA  One Health Special Primary Interest Group (SPIG). It is a beautiful overview of One Health for the novice. The One Health SPIG has led One Health programming at annual APHA conference, led One Health webinars for APHA membership and oversees a  One Health SPIG newsletter. 

A recent vote in the APHA midyear Governing Council meeting has declared that SPIG has now grown large enough to officially be declared the One Health 'Section' of APHA. Gaining Section status within APHA is impactful in many ways, including the creation of more opportunities to promote One Health through the allotment of scientific programming, representation in the larger governance structure, and allocation of annual operating funds. Congratulations to these hard working One Health champions at APHA.

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