All Life Protection and Our Collective Future

All Life Protection and Our Collective Future


Wiebers DO, Feigin VL, Winkler AS, Neuroepidemiology 2022. doi: 10.1159/000525021

"we would invoke the concept of All Life Protection which promotes and augments the concept of #OneHealth [2, 24] by fundamentally emphasizing not only the health of all life forms but also the wellbeing and protection of such. We are running out of time to make major changes in the current trajectory of many of our practices and it will be increasingly important for us to go beyond human protection, animal protection, and environmental protection and recognize the oneness of all life. .............

............We must call on decision-makers to make One Health and All Life Protection the new norms across the various sectors while inventing and implementing equitable economic systems that have human, animal, and environmental health at their cores."

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