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November 2022

Nov 9
November 9
The One Health Commission (OHC) and One Health Initiative (OHI) call for an informal global One Health Communications Alliance for a more coordinated Community of Practice

Presentation by Cheryl Stroud, Executive Director, One Health Commission, of abstract at the 7th World One Health Congress in Singapore. Full implementation of One Health requires both ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ actions. To assist in the ‘bottom up’ piece of the puzzle, the global community of One Health practitioners needs to be better ‘connected’.


September 2022

Sep 15
September 15
One Health Social Sciences presentation at the International Conference on Social Sciences (ICOSS) 2022 Annual Meeting

Dr. Laura Streichert, founding Co-Chair of the One Health Commission's One Health Social Sciences (OHSS) Initiative, presented (online) an abstract titled 'Involvement of the Social Science Sector in One Health Networks and COVID-19 Response Activities' at the International Conference on Social Sciences 2022 (ICOSS 2022).


April 2022

Apr 28
April 28
One Health Commission 2021 Annual Report Released - Connect - Create- Educate

The One Health Commission (OHC) believes that One Health ‘can’ become the default way of doing business at all levels of academia, research, government, policy and industry when individuals and groups from around the world work together in organized team efforts. In keeping with its mission, vision and goals, the OHC identifies gaps where implementation of One Health thinking and acting could have a powerful positive impact, saving lives, both animal and human, and improving ecosystem health for all living creatures. Individuals and groups from around the world are urged to join hands and work together in trans-disciplinary volunteer team efforts.The OHC provides a platform and opportunities for individuals to actively participate in the global One Health movement when they may not otherwise have avenues in which to act.

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