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Education has always been a major focus of the One Health Commission and the One Health Education Task Force (OHETF) was formed in 2016.  The One Health Initiative (OHI) Autonomous pro bono team was invited to participate and Dr. George Lueddeke of the United Kingdom was invited to serve as Task Force Chair. [See his 2016 book, Global Population Health and Well-Being in the 21st Century in which he discovered and championed One Health as a central strategy for achieving the United Nations Strategic Development Goals 2030 and his 2019 book, Survival: One Health,One Planet, One Future].

The Task Force proposed that the Commission, in partnership with interested individuals / organizations, develop a strong proposal seeking funding to establish a global One Health Education program that would provide funds to prepare teachers, from primary-secondary (K-12) to undergrad and graduate faculty, to develop and teach One Health Education courses, programs, and materials.  Calls for a global One Health education platform were made in a concept paper, ‘Preparing Society to create the world we need through ‘One Health’ education”   (May 2016) and a Press Release (June 2016). 

The response in 2016 from individuals and organizations from around the world was heartening. The OHETF developed an online OH Education survey with input from internationally-recognized reviewers and press release respondents were invited to complete the survey.  Results were used to organize an online OH Education Conference held on November 18, 2016 (see conference agenda and summary below).

In collaboration with valued partners from the conference, the OHETF developed in 2017 two funding proposals. One focused on enabling school / education systems to prepare teachers, K-12 and beyond, including global lay communities, to integrate One Health / SDG values into curricula, principles and practice through pilot One Health-driven teacher workshops and programs. The other sought to increase direct involvement of civil society organisations (SSAs) in poverty reduction strategies underpinned by One Health and the UN-2030 SDGs.

Previous to establishing the International OHETF, the One Health Commission had created a Bat Rabies Education Team (BRET) focused on raising awareness among children, parents and teachers in the Americas about bats potentially being infected with rabies. Those efforts served as precursors to establishment in late 2017 of a sub-group of the OHETF, the One Health Education-US (OHE-US), with a view to raising the profile of One Health in the US through One Health publications in professional teacher journals, conference contributions. The OHE-US presented three One Health teacher workshops at the US National Science Teachers Association STEM conference in July 2018 and began an online compilation of One Health Educational Resources (for primary and secondary levels) that were already available but not widely known or publicized. It also created an online One Health Opportunities webpage listing higher One Health education programs around the world. Entries are continually posted by the global One Health Community for One Health Certifications, Masters and beyond programs.

Recent Events 2019:

Expansion to an international One Health for One Planet Education (1HOPE) initiative

Summary of 1HOPE Online Organizational Meetings / Next Steps

1HOPE Project Overview, Aims

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Background Materials


Lueddeke's Call for One Health Education (2016) One Health Education Concept Paper (2016)
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Extending ‘Community of Life’ Chances in an Era of Achieving the UN-2030 Sustainable Development Goals through the ‘One World, One Health’ Concept: Complexity, Uncertainty, and Instability


2016 One Health Education Press Release

One Health Education Pre-Conference Survey Summary


Invitational Pre-proposal Conference on One Health K-12 Education

One Health Education Online Conference, November 2016

Conference Slides


Published Conference Summary

Conference Recording

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Conference Conclusions

One Health is a pathway not only to the UN SDGs and planetary health, but also to Global Security. Health and well-being are profoundly embedded in and dependent on the stability of global governments.

As the last 10-15 years have shown, it can be very difficult to introduce One Health concepts to already established systems. But K-12 children will be our future global leaders. How do we help them understand the severity of what is going on right now in the world? What is restraining us from doing new things like taking One Health education and concepts to young children?

We need to change today’s mindset/paradigm of using up our global resources without regard for the health and well-being of our planet because future generations will depend on Mother Earth.  How do we get individuals, governments and corporate bodies to think more holistically and sustainably about the health and well-being of people, animals and the planet? 

There is much work to do to make One Health the default way of doing business around the world. Children and One Health are our ‘Ray of Hope’ for the future.


Inaugural One Health Education Task Force

George R. Lueddeke, MEd, PhD     Chair, Task Force                    Biography

Laura H. Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP                    One Health Initiative Team                  Biography

Bruce Kaplan, DVM                        One Health Initiative Team    Biography



Rosina C. (Tammi) Krecek, MS, PhD  MAP                                            Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine                    Biography

Joann M. Lindenmayer, DVM, MPH            Chair, Board of Directors                              One Health Commission                     Biography

Laura Schoenle, MEd, PhD   Postdoctoral Scholar                Hamilton College and University of  Florida                                      Biography

Cheryl M. Stroud, DVM, PhD              Executive Director                                        One Health Commission                   Biography

A. Lee Willingham, DVM, PhD,                             Ross University School of  Veterinary Medicine                                               Biography





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