Optimizing Synergistic (One Health) Collaborations Online Meeting

Optimizing Synergistic (One Health) Collaborations Online Meeting


This invitational online meeting hosted by the One Health Commission provided an opportunity for thirteen invited organizations working in the One Health Space toward common/parallel goals to share their initiatives and establish collaborative relationships.

Each group gave a 5 minute overview of their work. Some presented with slides, others gave verbal reports.


Chatham House – Mirzet Sabirovic

Network for the Evaluation of One Health (NEOH) - Prof Liza Nielson

OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) - Matthew Stone

One Health Commission (OHC) - Joann Lindenmayer, Cheryl Stroud (presenting), Gretchen Kaufman

One Health Initiative (OHI) - Lisa Conti

One Health Platform (OHP) - Chris Vanlangandonk

Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) - Christopher Golden, Amalia Almada

World Veterinary Association (WVA) - Zeev Noga

Slides, Chatham House

Slides, OIE

Slides, One Health Commission

Slides, One Health Initiative

[Invited but Unable to attend:]

Dalla Lana School of Public Health - Howard Hu

Economic Council on Planetary Health - Doaa Abdel Motaal

EcoHealth Alliance - Catherine Machalaba – shared written comments for the group

InterAction Council - Joanna Nurse – George gave comments on her behalf

World Medical Association - Otmar Kloiber


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