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Middle East One Health Day 2017



“World One Health” day event to be held at Khazar University

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

November 3 2017

Organizer: Khazar University

Scope: Local Event

Fee: No

Open to Public: Yes

Description: Students and researchers will prepare presentations about One Health, discuss its high priority areas, problems and solutions for Azerbaijan.

Website: http://www.khazar.org/en/events/event/2596

Contact:  ikhalilova@khazar.org

Event Summary


** QATAR **

4th International Congress on Pathogens at the Human-Animal Interface

Location: Doha, Qatar

November 7, 2017

Organizer: Global One Health initiative - The Ohio State University

Scope: International Event

Fee: $300 professional/ $100 students

Open to Public: Yes

Description: The mission of the ICOPHAI consortium is to accelerate the global capacity and knowledge sharing to effectively reduce the burden of infectious and non-communicable diseases, environmental hazards, and their risk factors using the One Health platform.

The ICOPHAI Congress focuses on interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing platforms to address research, capacity building and policy developments that ensure and promote safety of food and water; prevention of vectors, and mitigation of environmental hazards. It promotes the positive benefits of international trade, tourism, other livelihood and economic benefits.

This year’s theme, Environmental Changes and Impact on Global Health, drew a record number of abstracts submitted from scientists and researchers from nearly 60 countries. For more information on the Scientific Program and to register to attend, please visit the website: http://icophai.org

Website: www.icophai.org

Contact:  bersani.1@osu.edu

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