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Russia anthrax outbreak affects dozens in north Siberia


Ninety people are undergoing hospital checks in remote northern Russia because of an anthrax outbreak that killed a boy on Monday.

Eight people are confirmed as infected with anthrax, a rare but deadly bacterial disease. It is believed to have spread from reindeer.

More than 2,300 reindeer have died in the outbreak, in the Yamalo-Nenets region of Siberia. Reindeer-herding families have been moved out.

Siberian Heatwave Sparks Anthrax Outbreak, Killing A Child And Thousands Of Reindeer


At least one child has died in Siberia after an outbreak of naturally occurring anthrax, which has been linked to a decades-old reindeer carcass exposed during a heatwave.

Russian officials have said the death of a 12-year-old boy, a member of a reindeer-herding family from the Yamal tundra 1,300 miles north of Moscow, was the first fatality in Siberia linked to the pathogen since 1941. Twenty others have been diagnosed with anthrax, according to CBS.

Anthrax case confirmed on farm in Westbury, Wiltshire


"A case of anthrax has been confirmed in a cow on a farm in Wiltshire, Public Health England has said.

This case was "rapidly detected" after the death of the animal in Westbury last week. The cow has been incinerated and movement restrictions are in place.

Public Health England said any risk of infection to those who were in close contact with the animal was "very low".

Anthrax is a bacterial disease which primarily affects grazing animals, although all mammals are susceptible."

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