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Eligibility - What to do to Compete

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Student One Health Day Teams are eligible to apply for awards if they:

  • Have at least one ecology / environmental, one human medical / public health, one veterinary medical, and one additional non-medical related student (examples: Anthropology, Chemistry, Communications, Engineering, Social Sciences, Wildlife, Zoology, etc.). At least 4 students are required but there is no limit to the total number of students on the team.
  • Submit proof of ‘students in good standing’ letters or Proof of Registration for each team member on their University’s letterhead from a faculty member or Department Head. (Note: It is possible that more than one University will be represented on a single team.) (Due AFTER event)
  • Register your Event as a One Health Day event for a pin on the map to compete.
  • Submit an evaluation Summary Report (in English) to Dr. Cheryl Stroud (cstroud@onehealthcommission.org) by 11:59 pm Eastern (GMT-5) on December 1. Word or PDF file format acceptable. (please use filename: "OHD-evaluation-last name of main contact person").

Only those teams wishing to compete for the awards must meet these Event Criteria and submit Event Reports. All other One Health Day teams (not wishing to compete) will please register their event on the One Health Day webpage to get on the One Health Day map and share their event with the world.

Student Competition events can now be held any time of the year that is convenient for the Team. Team members can cross institutional and geographic (e.g., country) boundaries. 


Assessment Criteria / Scoring

Student applications for the One Health Day Awards competition will be assessed for eligibility according to the conditions outlined in the Event Guidelines and scored using these Assessment Criteria.


Submission Checklist - Use this to guide you through the submission -           NOTE!!!  This Checklist Form MUST be included in your submission packet.


What to do to Compete

  • Establish your team of at least 4 students from at least 4 domains, human, animal, environment and one ‘other’ non-medical arena
  • Start planning your event. It can now occur any time of the year that is convenient to the Team.
  • Get letters of ‘Student in Good Standing’ or Proof of Registration for each team member to include in your Event Summary package.
  • Be sure to indicate who the designated ‘point of contact’ is for your team so the One Health Day Planning Team can let you know if you won.
  • Submit your event Registration form online on the One Health Day website
  • Consult the Student Competition Assessment Criteria to see how your event will be evaluated by the judges.
  • Use the Submission Checklist to prepare your narrative Event Summary Report. Be sure to include this Checklist Form in your application packet.
  • Submit your narrative Event Summary Report to Dr. Cheryl Stroud (cstroud@onehealthcommission.org) by December 1.  Be sure it includes:                  
    • Event Concept, Objectives, Description, and Contribution to Advancing One Health
    • The Team’s promotional plan including links to any local media promotions
    • Metrics for measuring success of your event and results/data for those measures
    • The Implementation Review (See Assessment Criteria and Checklist)

Dates of Interest

  • 1 December by 11:59 pm Eastern (GMT-5) -  Event summaries for competition due to Cheryl Stroud to be shared with the judges. Be sure we know how to contact you if your team wins.
  • March - June of the next year: Announcement of student competition winners for the previous year's One Health Day Student Competition.
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