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October 24
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August 21
Person who tried to help raccoon now needs rabies vaccine

This news article is a quick read on the risk of rabies exposure when handling wildlife. The risk also applies to other mammals, including bats, which is why the One Health Commission's Bat Rabies Education Team works to send the message to 'never touch a bat'.


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Jun 12
June 12
Oral vaccination of wildlife against rabies: opportunities and challenges in prevention and control (2004)

It is important to note that even though this is an older publication from 2004, as of 2018, no significant changes to rabies control/eradication (concerning bats at least) have been made since this publication.


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Jan 15
January 15
Six Year old Florida boy dies of rabies contracted from being scratched by a bat.

The boy was scratched or bitten by a bat and became infected with the rabies virus. Two weeks later, the boy began experiencing spasms and couldn't walk, so they rushed him to the hospital.

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