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This compilation is an international One Health network effort.

Please help us make this webpage a tool for teaching about One Health and One Health topics and issues.

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Ongoing Series:


Emergence:  One Health One Welfare Podcast            Hosted by MSD Animal Health, led by Alisdair King and Marta Nowak. Conversation, interviews, and information on transboundary and emerging diseases. Bringing One Health One Welfare topics to you so you have up to date reports from conferences, thoughts on recent scientific articles, notification of disease outbreaks, and views from key opinion leaders and experts in the field.

Helmholtz Institute for One Health Podcast Series:  One Health Podcast              Hosted by the  Helmholtz Resonator, a free audio podcast from the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, a new episode is published once a month. In this science podcast, Holger Klein talks to One Health researchers about their research - and about themselves. Begun in 2021, the podcast is only available in German.

One Health Wednesdays              Hosted by One Life Epi Solutions LLC in collaboration with LabOpp, begun in 2022 to promote the principles of One Health and encourage professional development. Highlights the One Health work of individuals and organizations, discusses the technical aspects of what they do and how it fits into the “One Health picture.”  Aim: to generate motivation and innovation for One Health solutions to improve the health of the environment and the animals and humans who live together in it.

One Podcast / One Health: One Platform for Everything One Health              Each episode focuses on a different career path within the One Health umbrella. This podcast also covers debates, career insights and discussions; interviewing professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

One World, One Health                  Hosted by the One Health Trust, formerly CDDEP. This podcast series brings forward the latest ideas to improve the health of our planet and its people. Our world faces many urgent challenges from pandemics and decreasing biodiversity to pollution and melting polar ice caps, among others. This podcast highlights solutions to these problems from the scientists and experts working to make a difference.

This Podcast will Kill You              Grad students studying disease ecology, Erin and Erin found themselves disenchanted with the insular world of academia. They wanted a way to share their love of epidemics and weird medical mysteries with the world, not just colleagues. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to have a cocktail while chatting about pus and poop?


Other Podcast - Single Episodes:


One Health: The Shared Future of People, Animals, and the Planet, November 14, 2023 Podcast - Hosted by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO). Public health agencies and the animal agriculture industry play crucial roles in One Health, along with other stakeholders. Guest interviewees share how they put One Health into practice in a state health department, how health departments can connect across agencies to address One Health issues, and what falls under the One Health umbrella.



One Health: Connections between livestock and human health, March 1, 2021  Podcast - Mini Medical School Series hosted by One Health at University of Calgary (Canada) Synder Institute for Chronic Diseases in partnership with the Calgary Public Library. Drs. Michele Anholt, Karin Orsel (One Health at UCalgary) and John Gilleard discussed the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment.

Communicating One Health with Professors Jonna Mazet and John Parrish-Sprowl, February 26, 2021 on 'A Shot in the Arm' podcast, S04, Ep07



The Nation Conversation: Can We Prevent the Next Pandemic?         February 10, 2021 Webcast hosted by The      Bringing together experts from across disciplines, One Health is an international movement that starts from the presumption that the fate of humans is intimately connected with those of wild animals and the ecosystems on which we all depend. The recognition of this reality makes One Health both a powerful antidote to anti-science ethos and a cutting-edge vision of 21st century global health. It is one of our last, best hopes for preventing a pandemic worse than Covid-19. .... Our future may depend on it. Investigative reporter Jimmy Tobias spent many months researching One Health for his recent cover story for The Nation.

@CrackingOneHealth, Podcast creator Dr. Sara Perestrelo, Berlin, Germany leads interviews the most interesting and experienced One Health professional around the world. 

The Appian Project - The One Health Practioner Podcast   Podcast creator Dani Kilani of Western University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Appian Project is an interview-based podcast series centered around a One Health approach. On each episode a One Health practitioner is interviewed to teach the tangible and intangible skills necessary for the practice of One Health.

#WeAreInThisTogether, One Health Champion, Bay C (Listemi News) releases music video for COVID-19 with the Red Cross and WHO

One Health with Dr. Cheryl Stroud, Outbreak News Today Podcasts Series by Robert Herriman, January 15, 2020

 The Wildlife Origins of SARS-COV2 and Employing a One Health Approach Dr. Steve Osofsky interview, Excellsior (Cornell U students) Podcast series, April 3, 2020



"Celebrating One Health" by Dr. Ilaria Capua, Director, University of Florida Center for One Health Excellence for Research and Training, UF Health Podcasts, November 2, 2018



Y98, St Louis Voices radio interview about One Health with Dr. Sharon Deem, Director of the Institute for Conservation Medicine at the Saint Louis Zoo and Dena Ladd, Executive Director of Missouri Cures.  November 19, 2017

LabAnimal. One Health with Laura Kahn. August 2017

One Health, One Caribbean, One Love. ONE HEALTH Listenmi News - Bay-C. (Rashaun 'Bay C' Clark), 2017. Web. 22 Jan. 2017.  See how Bay C got involved in One Health.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences,. (2017). Partnerships for Environmental HealthChildren, Nature, and the Importance of Getting Kids Outside. Retrieved 22 February 2017.

NOLA Matters - The Public Health Radio Hour. Dr. Susan McLellan, Ben Norton, Samantha McKenzie, and Michael Bates: One Health. April 2017. 



Conrad, Patricia. On One Health and Wildlife Talk. One Health Institute. May 2016. (Note:  Dr. Conrad's talk begins 2 minutes into the recording)

NPR.  Why the World Isn't Close to Eradicating Guinea Worm. All Things Considered. August 2016.

Wilkes, Michael. "The Impact Of Human Migration On One Health". KCRW's Medical Opinion. N.p., 2016. Web. 22 Jan. 2017.



Public Service Announcement hosted by the One Health Commission, April 2015. English Version.  Spanish Version also available.



One Health for Veterinarians and Beyond: Mississippi State Podcast. 2014.

Ticks, Fleas and Mystery Disease, The People's Pharmacy. Guests: Edward Breitschwerdt, DVM, and B. Robert Mozayeni, MD. August 30, 2014.



Barbara Natterson-Horowitz. The Human-Animal Connection. Pets on Time. January 2013.

In Memoriam: James Harlan Steele (1913-2013). Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 2013.

One Health: People, Pets and Integrative Medicine. Steve Dale's Pet World. March 5, 2013.


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