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One Health: People, Animals and the Environment


In , editors Ronald M. Atlas and Stanley Maloy have compiled 20 chapters written by interdisciplinary experts that present core concepts, compelling evidence, successful applications, and the remaining challenges of One Health approaches to thwarting the threat of emerging infectious disease. Topics include

  • the interconnectedness of human and animal pathogens
  • emerging diseases in animals and humans
  • case histories of notable recent zoonotic infections, including West Nile virus, hantavirus, Lyme disease, SARS, and 
  • epidemic zoonoses and corresponding environmental factors
  • insight into the mechanisms of microbial evolution toward pathogenicity
  • causes behind the emergence of antibiotic resistance
  • new technologies and approaches for public health disease surveillance
  • political and bureaucratic strategies for promoting the global acceptance of One Health

This book is a valuable resource for physicians, veterinarians, environmental scientists, microbiologists, public health workers and policy makers, and others who want to understand the interdependence of human, animal, and ecosystem health.

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