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Walking Fido Is Doggone Good for Your Health


"FRIDAY, May 6, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Walking the dog may be a health boon for older Americans, new research suggests.

Dog walking helps cut back on excess weight and the overall need to visit a physician while raising overall moderate and vigorous exercise levels among the over-60 set, investigators found.

And the strong emotional bonds formed between owner and pet offer social benefits, encouraging increased contact with other pet owners."

Relationship Matters: How pets enrich our lives


Excerpt: "Most people react positively to endearing pets. Cats and dogs, the most popular family pets, enchant both young and old members of the family and even endear themselves to some strangers they encounter. Aside from the intermittent delight of admiration and pleasure for both humans and animals, does this temporary or permanent connection enhance humans’ well-being?

The joys of pet ownership are many and span the gamut of physical and psychological enhancements to both pets and their owners. The unique bond of love and interdependence that is cultivated between humans and their animals often includes dutiful caring, unique loyalty and a sense of belonging and safety that is mutually rewarding. The intense protectiveness, love and devotion deeply reward both species.

In addition, research indicates humans gain health benefits rarely equaled in other relationships."

Harvard Says, Get a Dog! Its New Report Details the Many Ways Having a Dog Make Us Healthy


Multiple studies show that the activity a dog needs to thrive — fresh air, regular walks, and consistent connection — improves the vitality of BOTH the dog and the human.

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