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Finding Lead in Pets: Lead contamination affects people and probably pets


We know that pets can be sentinels for what people are being environmentally exposed to. But could people also be sentinels for what we should look for in pets?

"In the absence of surveillance for lead exposure in pets, the number or percentage of pets with exposure or toxicosis is unknown. The available data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Environmental Protection Agency provide some indication of how many homes have lead exposure risks. Most of those data are from public health campaigns intended to reduce lead exposure in children."

Pets and pests could stave off childhood asthma


New research published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology suggests that exposing children to pet and other common indoor allergens before the age of 3 may prevent the development of asthma.

Here's scientific proof that your dog feels you


Excerpt: "A new study strongly suggests that the domestic dog does indeed recognize and distinguish among different states of mind in humans.  The research demonstrates that dogs use both facial expressions and voice characteristics as cues to a human's state of mind. Its authors underscore that while this ability to detect the mood of another is common enough within the same species, our canine companions appear to be unique in sharing with humans the ability to transcend species boundaries in reading emotions."

Children with pets have less stress


"A pet dog may protect your child from childhood anxiety, according to research published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

Link to original CDC article: Pet Dogs and Children’s Health: Opportunities for Chronic Disease Prevention?

Relationship Matters: How pets enrich our lives


Excerpt: "Most people react positively to endearing pets. Cats and dogs, the most popular family pets, enchant both young and old members of the family and even endear themselves to some strangers they encounter. Aside from the intermittent delight of admiration and pleasure for both humans and animals, does this temporary or permanent connection enhance humans’ well-being?

The joys of pet ownership are many and span the gamut of physical and psychological enhancements to both pets and their owners. The unique bond of love and interdependence that is cultivated between humans and their animals often includes dutiful caring, unique loyalty and a sense of belonging and safety that is mutually rewarding. The intense protectiveness, love and devotion deeply reward both species.

In addition, research indicates humans gain health benefits rarely equaled in other relationships."

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