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One Health Day returns in November


One Health Day, which debuted in 2016, will again be held Nov. 3. The One Health Commission, One Health Initiative team, and One Health Platform Foundation are calling on individuals and organizations to begin planning one-health education and awareness projects. Last year, One Health Day generated over 150 events in 35 countries, engaging 17,000 participants. In 2017, student awards will go to the top event in each of four global regions. Go to  

In celebration of One Health Day 2016, special issue of "Infection Ecology and Epidemiology" highlights One Health Training, Research and Outreach


In celebration of One Health Day 2016 a special Issue highlighting One Health Training, Research and Outreach around the world was published in the online, open access journal,  Infection Ecology and Epidemiology

One Health Gearing Up to Battle the most "Wicked Problems" in our Universe


Envision our world as three circles representing people, animals, and the environment. At the moment, these separate shapes only slightly overlap and share a small, happy space nicknamed the"Ray of Hope for the Future." That ray of hope is One Health—a growing movement that envisions a path to planetary health through One Health education and collaborations. With an excited leader at its helm, the One Health Commission is poised to encourage the merging of those three circles into one unified, healthy world.

Global "One Health Day" Planned By Three International One Health Groups - November 3, 2016


Three leading international One Health groups, the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team, and the One Health Platform Foundation are partnering to create a global “One Health Day”. 

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