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One Health and Planetary Health


"In 2015, the Rockefeller Foundation released a major report about the state of the planet, called Safeguarding Human Health in the Anthropocene Epoch. This document outlines the case that anthropogenic changes in the environment are now threatening the basic life support services of the earth’s systems. Some of the concerning trends include biodiversity loss, climate change, particulate air pollution, ocean acidification, and deforestation. The report indicates a number of ways that this environmental degradation can pose a serious threat to human health in the future, and calls for urgent research and policy action to address these large-scale problems.

At the Center for One Health Research (COHR), we view these critical environmental threats highlighted by the Rockefeller Planetary Health Report as intrinsic to our understanding and application of One Health."

The Lancet Introduces a new online journal - Lancet Planetary Health


"Presenting The Lancet Planetary Health, a new online-only, open access title in The Lancet’s growing family of specialty journals. Building on the foundation of The Rockefeller–Lancet Commission on planetary health, this monthly journal is committed to publishing high-quality original Research Articles, Editorials, Comments, and Correspondence that contribute to defining and advancing planetary health worldwide."

Planetary health—where next?


Offline: Planetary health—where next?

Horton, Richard

The Lancet , Volume 387 , Issue 10028 , 1602


Excerpt: "2 years ago, we proposed an idea we called planetary health. Friends jokingly asked when we would be launching intergalactic health. I could see their point. We already had global health. Why planetary health? The globe and the planet—aren't they the same thing? Wait. I love museums. I especially enjoy meandering through rooms replete with ancient artefacts from long-lost civilisations. Seeing the small accoutrements of past lives—cups, vases, remnants of clothes, perfume bottles, jewellery—one is invited to imagine and recreate a past existence. Those communities were every bit as real as our own today. But they vanished, destroyed perhaps by cataclysmic war, natural catastrophe, inept leadership, or simply the slow erosion of a society unable to adapt to changing circumstances. It's hard not to think about our own contingency when one walks through these rooms of distant cultures. In a “manifesto” to address the sustainability of today's civilisations, we argued that planetary health stood for a broader attitude to health than we are usually given to consider in medicine."


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