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One Health and Planetary Health


"In 2015, the Rockefeller Foundation released a major report about the state of the planet, called Safeguarding Human Health in the Anthropocene Epoch. This document outlines the case that anthropogenic changes in the environment are now threatening the basic life support services of the earth’s systems. Some of the concerning trends include biodiversity loss, climate change, particulate air pollution, ocean acidification, and deforestation. The report indicates a number of ways that this environmental degradation can pose a serious threat to human health in the future, and calls for urgent research and policy action to address these large-scale problems.

At the Center for One Health Research (COHR), we view these critical environmental threats highlighted by the Rockefeller Planetary Health Report as intrinsic to our understanding and application of One Health."

The OIE presents the basic principles of its strategy to fight antimicrobial resistance


"At the 84th General Session of the World Assembly of National Delegates, the OIE presented to its Members, and proposed for adoption, the basic principles of its new strategy to fight antimicrobial resistance. Built on the foundations of many years’ work by the Organisation to protect the effectiveness of antimicrobials used in veterinary medicine, and to contribute towards maintaining the efficacy of the molecules used in human medicine, this strategy aims to provide countries with the necessary tools to assist them in managing this problem more effectively, regardless of their actual animal health situation. "

One Health: a concept led by Africa, with global benefits


"One Health evolved from the recognition that an interdisciplinary approach is required to understand complex health problems, and that the health of humans and animals are inextricably linked. Through closer cooperation between the human, veterinary and environmental health sectors, added value, in terms of health metrics, cost savings and environmental services is achievable."

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