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June 2007

Jun 15
June 15
Initiative Aims to Merge Animal and Human Health Science to Benefit Both

Medical and veterinary science are like siblings who have grown apart. But now, there’s a flurry of efforts to reunite them. Proponents of this idea, called “one medicine” or “one health,” say that breaking down the walls between the two fields will help fight diseases that jump from animals to humans, such as SARS and avian influenza, and advance both human and animal health.

In April, the American Veterinary Medical
Association (AVMA) decided to establish a 12-member task force to recommend ways in which vets can collaborate with colleagues in human medicine. In late June, the house of delegates of the American Medical Association (AMA) will vote on a resolution in support of strengthened ties between schools of medicine and veterinary science, increased collaboration in surveillance and the development of diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines across species barriers, and a “dialogue” with AVMA. The theme is also on the program at infectious-disease meetings in Europe and the United States this year. 

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